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     Morally, we have been battling with this release. Nostradamus was a famous scholar and notable 'Plague Doctor' who lived during the 1500's. Throughout the writing process back in December, we had the idea to turn him into a modern, psychopathic Plague Doctor, torturing his victims who are most in need of help. The metaphorical lyrics portray his evil and the video aids in the manifestation of our character.


     In light of recent events, we have pushed the release back further and further. The whole world is currently battling a mass pandemic and the tragedies are on the rise daily. After much deliberation, we came to the decision to show the world our work as a band. The song 'Nostradamus', should be, in no way, associated with current global affairs. We believe that this is our best work to date and that changing the premise of the song would remove it's charm.


     We hope you all enjoy Nostradamus as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Written by 'The King is Dead'

Video produced and directed by Marcus Verrall


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Demetriou

Special thanks to Warren Jones for the location.

The video will release on 30/04/2020 via Youtube, and 01/05/2020 via all major streaming platforms.

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